Available Menu Locations

All of the available menu locations in Mai Theme.

Mai theme has 3 built-in menu locations,though you can put menus virtually anywhere with [mai_menu] shortcode or the Navigation Menu widget. By the time you are reading this, WP core may have already added the Navigation Menu block as well.

The following menu locations are available in all Mai Themes. The names themselves should be self-explanatory for where they show up on your site.

  1. Header Left
  2. Header Right
  3. After Header
If you add Header Left and Header Right menus your logo/site, your title will automatically center in the header

How To Add A Menu

Navigate to one of the following 2 places, depending which is more comfortable to you:

  1. Dashboard > Appearance > Menus or Customizer > Menus
  2. Click ‘create a new menu’ if you want a new one, or choose/edit an existing menu.
  3. Add/edit menu items via the available options on the left.
  4. Scroll below the menu, and set the menu to display in location you want.

How To Add A Menu To Content Areas

It’s very easy to add a menu to any widget area or Content Area in Mai Theme.

1. Navigation Menu Block (Coming Soon)

Navigation Menu block is pretty stable, but currently only available in the Gutenberg feature plugin.

It’s simple enough to add a Navigation Menu block to any available template part. This is a simple and easy to do solution that works for many template parts, including Before Header, Sidebar, Before Footer, Footer, and even in Site Credits.

2. Mai Menu Shortcode

If you are using Reusable Blocks to build high-quality layouts in your widget areas, it’s easy to add our [mai_menu] shortcode via a Shortcode block. This allows you to put a menu inside columns, before or after specific blocks and content, and display vertical or horizontal menu items.

For a majority of websites you shouldn’t use a menu in Header Left or Header Right content areas. If you want a menu in these locations set the actual menu to the menu location, as seen at the beginning of this article.
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