Importing Demo Content (Mai Setup Wizard)

How to instantly get your site looking like the demo with the Mai Setup Wizard.

You can access the Mai Setup Wizard anytime via Dashboard > Mai Theme > Setup Wizard anytime.

Step 1: Welcome

Enter your email to make sure you receive the latest updates, news, offers, etc. about Mai Theme.

Step 2: Choose Demo

Choose which site style you’d like to setup from the available demo configurations.

Step 3: Install Plugins

Install the theme’s recommended plugins.

Step 4: Import Content

Import demo content, settings, and widget content.

Step 5: View Your Site!

View your site, and start customizing!


  • Deactivate Plugins - We’ve seen some plugins, especially security plugins, block or cause import issues with setup wizards. It’s often best to deactivate all plugins prior to running the setup wizard.
  • PHP Timeout Limit - The only issues we’ve seen with the setup wizard not running correctly are on cheaper/shared hosting accounts. Most shared hosting accounts lock the PHP timeout limit to 30 seconds, and the PHP times out before the wizard is done importing content. Depending on the chosen demo, there may be a lot of posts/images/etc that need to get downloaded during import. Nothing is actually broken or wrong, there’s just not enough time to run.
To recap:
  1. Ask the host to increase your PHP timeout limit to300. We have yet to hear of any host denying this request.
  2. Deactivate plugins before running the setup wizard
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