Site Layouts

Set up your global site layouts for every content type.

Layouts can be configured for archives, pages, posts, and many custom post types. — each post type can have a unique layout, and/or a default layout can be configured.

How To Use

  1. Visit Customizer > Theme Settings > Site Layouts.
  2. Set your defaults and any other content layouts.
  3. Publish/save and view your site.


Boxed Container

Enabled this setting to have a constrained full-site container for your website.


Mai Theme comes with 5 built-in page layouts: Standard, Narrow Content, Wide Content, Content-Sidebar, and Sidebar-Content. Our site layout settings have "smart fallbacks" in place.

Example: A content type doesn't have a custom value set for Archives so it would then check the Content Archives setting under Defaults. If that is empty it then uses the Site Default. The same scenario applies for Single Content on other content types.


Choose your default layouts for your site. If no setting is used for Archives or Single Content, the site default will be used.


Configure layouts for archives and single Posts, including any default or custom taxonomies.


Configure layouts for Pages.

Custom Post Types

If you have any custom post types (like WooCommerce Products) you can configure their layouts here.


Configure layouts for special areas of your site, including:
  • Search Results
  • Author Archives
  • Date Archives
  • 404 Page

Changing The Layout Per-Post or Per-Page

After you’ve published a post or page, you can override the layout per-post or page. Click the Genesis "G" icon in the top right of the page when editing, and select the layout you want from the drop down.


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