Beta Testing

We are constantly working on new features, performance improvements, bug fixes, and general compatibility for our themes, engine, and add-on plugins. If you'd like to beta test any updates there is a simple setting in the Customizer to enable beta updates to show as regular updates in your Dashboard.

Please note that beta releases may have bugs or other issues/changes. We appreciate you helping us test but please be aware this shouldn't be done on a production site unless you're aware and okay with the possibility of helping us discover unknown bugs.

How To Test Beta Releases

  1. Go to Customizer > Theme Settings > Updates and check the box for Mai Beta Tester.
  2. Go to Dashboard > Updates and hit the Check Again link.
  3. If there are any available you should see a beta update for Mai Engine or any other installed Mai Plugins. The updates will show up like a standard WordPress plugin update.
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