Troubleshooting & Debugging

If you see any issues or weirdness with your Mai Theme powered website, there are some basic steps you can follow to save time and help narrow it down what's causing issues.

1. Flush/clear and deactivate all caching (temporarily)

A very high percentage of our support tickets are solved by flushing all caches, and sometimes even deactivating caching plugins to confirm it's caching related in the first place. Make sure you try this as a first step, always. If you are currently building your site, then caching should definitely be off.

  • Free plugins like WP Total Cache, Autoptimize, or paid plugins like WP Rocket all have their own methods of flushing. See their docs to flush, then temporarily deactivate those plugins to confirm if it fixes your issue.
  • Your host may have built in caching that needs to be flushed. See their docs to figure out how to flush and possibly temporarily disable.

We also have some built in caching for typography and other Customizer settings. To flush Customizer cache follow these steps.

  • Open the Customizer.
  • Toggle any setting on/off or change the value of any setting, then change it back to what it was. This enables the "Update" button.
  • Hit "Update" and wait for it to finish.
  • Close the Customizer.

If your issue is related to the wrong fonts being loaded, use our built in Typography cache flusher to fix.

  • Go to Customizer > Theme Settings > Typography.
  • Toggle the "Flush cache" switch on.
  • Hit "Update" and wait for it to finish.
  • Close the Customizer.
If you still have the issue, continue.

2. Deactivate all plugins (temporarily, don't skip this step!)

Narrowing down a plugin conflict will tremendously reduce the amount of time it will take to get your website fixed and running smoothly. Most conflicts we've seen have been configuration related, so it doesn't mean you won't be able to use the plugin in question.

If your site has high traffic, or if you're very concerned about deactivating plugins, you should be using a staging site to test all updates and troubleshoot conflicts without affecting your live/production site. There are a few options for staging sites. Many hosting accounts offer staging sites, or there are some plugins available. WooCommerce support has recommended WP Staging though we haven't used it ourselves. Others have had success with WP Stagecoach.

  • Visit Dashboard > Plugins and deactivate everything by Mai Engine. If you already have some inactive plugins, make a note of which ones you are deactivating so you know which ones to reactivate when you're done.
  • If this doesn't fix the issue you can reactivate those plugins.
  • If this does fix the issue, activate each plugin one at a time to find the culprit.

If you found the conflicting plugin, please open a support ticket with our team.

If you still have the issue, continue.

3. Activate Mai Debugger plugin (temporarily)

Mai Debugger is an extremely useful plugin to view full error messages and find the exact trace (source) of the error. If your site hits an error, Mai Debugger should show a full-screen error message. It looks like a big messy bunch of code, don't be scared!

If you see an error, please take a screenshot and open a support ticket with the screenshot attached.

Please be aware that if you hit an an error that affects the back end of the website, you may have to delete Mai Debugger via SSH, FTP, or the host/server File Manager.

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