Migrating Content with WPSiteSync

Often times Mai Solution customers have an existing website they want to replace.

You can copy your content and images using a plugin called WPSiteSync for Content.

Keep in mind two terms:  
- your target website is your Mai Solution site (where you want content to be moved to)
- your source website is your current live site (where you want to move content from).

Set Up A Connection Between Source and Target Sites

First, log into your source website and install and activate the WPSiteSync plugin.

Then visit the Settings | WPSiteSync page.

Your screen should look like the follow screenshot.

Host Name of Target: Enter your Mai Solution site. If you are still in development the URL will be a number followed by maisolution.com

Username on Target: Enter your Mai Solution username.

Password on Target: Enter your Mai Solution password.

Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and save your chages.  Upon success, you'll see a green checkmark at the end of the Password field. See below.

Copy Content From Source Site to Target Site

Next, visit and edit a page that you want to copy from the source site to the target site.

Scroll down the Post Status Block area until you WPSite Sync

Pressing the blue "Push to Target" button will transfer your content from the source to the target website.

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