Mai Testimonials

Your testimonials are easily displayed on a page via the Mai Testimonials block or Mai Post Grid blocks for powerful and dynamic testimonials layouts. These blocks can be used to format a variety of testimonials into a grid.

Learn how to install plugins here.

Once Mai Testimonials is installed and activated, will see Testimonials show up on the left-hand sidebar on your Dashboard. 

Select “Add New” to create testimonials; including name, testimonial, byline (person’s title), website link, and image.

How To Use

  1. Add your Testimonials via Dashboard > Testimonials > Add New.
  2. Create or edit page or post where you'd like to display your Testimonials
  3. Insert a Mai Testimonials block.
  4. Customize the block however you'd like!

Testimonials can be displays with a Mai Testimonials block or a Mai Post Grid block with the post type setting set to

Mai Testimonials Block

Default Layout

Image above content


Mai Testimonials Block Settings


Text Size

Changes the font size of the content.

Text Align

Aligns entry text.


Choose what testimonial elements to display.

Image Location

Select where the image should display.

Name/byline Location

Select where the name and byline should display.


Display a boxed styling around your testimonials.



Choose the number of columns you want to display.

Custom Responsive Columns

Set your columns arrangements at different device sizes.

Align Columns

Align the column containers themselves. This does not affect the content inside each column. This is only relevant when you don’t have enough testimonials to fill up the last row. If you have 3 columns, and are displaying 4 testimonials, the last 1 will align left, center, or right, depending on this setting.

Align Columns (Vertical)

Vertical alignment for the testimonials. This is most noticeable when displaying testimonials with a different amount of content in them.

Column & Row Gap

The amount of space you want between your columns and rows.


Get Testimonials By

This setting tells the query “how” to get the entries.

  • Date --The date query just gets all testimonials, and the Order and Order By settings determine what will display.
  • Choice -- Getting testimonials by Choice will display a Choose Entries field where you can choose specific testimonials to display.
  • Taxonomy -- Getting entries by Taxonomy allows you to get entries in (or not in) a specific category, custom taxonomy term.

Number To Display

The total number of testimonials to display. If the slider is enabled, this settings is for how many testimonials to display per-slide.

Order By

Order the entries by different options.

  • Title – Alphabetically by the testimonial name.
  • Date – The testimonial date.
  • Modified – The testimonial’s last modified date.
  • Random – Shows random testimonials every page load (the “random” query may be disabled on some hosts).
  • Menu Order – The order in the main testimonial list in the back end. Works really well with Simple Page Ordering plugin.


Exclude specific testimonials from being displayed. This setting allows you to use all the other settings to get the testimonials you want, then easily exclude one ore more specific testimonials.


Enables a super performant testimonial slider. Only the first slide is loaded on initial page load. Clicking the next slide does an ajax call to retrieve the next slide.

Slider Navigation

Display dots, arrows, or both. You must choose at least one.

Max Number Of Slides

The maximum number of slides to allow before the slider starts over from the beginning.

General Mai Post Grid Block Settings

All of the parameters have default block settings, so you only need to use them for custom display. There are also more advanced Mai Grid block parameters for even further customizations.

Mai Post Grid Block Settings

For further explanations on displaying Mai Testimonials, see all our Mai Post Grid block Parameters.

Usage Examples

Here are our favorite and most common usages of Mai Testimonials.

Example 1 – Displays all testimonials in 2 columns.

In its simplest use, use the Grid shortcode to display all your testimonials in a Mai Post Grid block that will display them with their featured image and titles, like this:

Example 2 – Displays in horizontal columns, instead of rows.

In its simplest form, use the Layout parameter to show all your testimonials in a Grid block that will display a specified number of columns, like this:

Example 3 – Displays in a vertical rows, instead of columns.

In its simplest form, use the Layout parameter to show all your testimonials in a grid that will display one row instead of columns, with their featured image and titles, like this:

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