Mai Table of Contents

Add a table of contents to the beginning of your posts or pages to improve readability. The table is auto-created from your heading structure so readers can jump to the section they want easily.

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How To Automatically Display Table Of Contents

  1. View Dashboard > Mai Theme > Table of Contents.
  2. Enable the auto-display on any post types you want.

How To Manually Display Table Of Contents

  1. Edit a post or page that has a lot of headings and structure that would benefit from a table of contents.
  2. Add a Mai Table of Contents block wherever you'd like it to display in your content.

If you are auto-displaying the table of contents you can still manually add a Mai Table of Contents block in your content. That will override the auto-display and only one TOC will be displayed. This gives you precise control over the TOC location on specific posts while still allowing it to be automatically added to other posts.


Post Types

Automatically display the table of contents at the beginning of the selected post types.


The design style for the table of contents.

Load Open/Closed

Whether to load the table of contents open or closed by default.

Minimum Headings

The table of contents will only display if the content has at least this many h2 headings.


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