Mai Archive Pages

Mai Archive Pages plugin allows you to build robust and SEO-friendly archive pages with blocks. Customize the content before and after your archive content to strategically and beautifully build out your archive pages.

A popular use-case is to use Mai Post Grid and Mai Term Grid blocks to show featured posts, featured categories, child categories, etc.

Learn how to install plugins here.

Once you active the plugin, you can start adding content before and after archive pages.

How To Use

  1. Add Content Before/After - View any archive, for example: Post Category. Hover over the Edit Category link and select Add Content Before or Add Content After.  Before will insert content above your archive content. After will insert content below your archive content. Use the location setting in the page editor sidebar to choose if you want the content to be inside the entries container or full width outside of the container.
  2. Edit Content Before/After - Published content will change the button from "Add" to "Edit."
  3. Insert Blocks - Type "/" or click the plus sign to choose a block, copy and paste from our Mai Pattern Library, or just start typing. Publish new content or update as a normal page.
  4. View Page - If you're not in fullscreen mode, the block editor will show a View Page link in the top toolbar.


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