Mai Display Taxonomy

Mai Display Taxonomy is a utility plugin that creates a category to use with Mai Post Grid. It gives you total control over your grid content in various areas of your website.

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Once Mai Display Taxonomy is installed and activated you'll see a new taxonomy called "Display" on your Posts (or wherever else it's set to be used).

"Display" taxonomy terms will never display on the front end, they are only for back-end organization.

How To Use

  1. Visit Dashboard > Mai Theme > Display Taxonomy to enable the Display taxonomy on whichever post types you'd like.
  2. Optionally create any display terms that you'd like via Dashboard > Posts (or any post type you've enabled) > Display.
  3. Edit or Bulk Edit your posts and choose or create a term.
  4. Create or edit any page you want to display your content.
  5. Add Mai Post Grid on the page.
  6. Under the Entries tab, set "Get Entries By" setting to "Taxonomy/Meta".
  7. Set your taxonomy conditions to use "Display" as the taxonomy and whichever terms you'd like.


Here’s an example of how you might use Mai Display Taxonomy.

  1. Create a Display term called “Home Featured”.
  2. Select some posts and add them to "Home Featured" term via the post edit screen or by bulk edit.
  3. In a section of your homepage, add a Mai Post Grid block.
  4. In the “Entries” tab, get entries by Taxonomy/Meta.
  5. Configure it to use the Display taxonomy with posts in the "Home Featured" category.

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