Navigation Menus

Align and set breakpoints for navigation menus.

How To Use

The Navigation Menus panel is for Mai Theme settings specific to the available menus and menu locations. If you aren’t using a menu location, the alignment settings will not be available until you set a menu to use that location.

Creating, editing, and setting the menus themselves is still done the standard WordPress way in

Dashboard > Appearance > Menus or Customizer > Menus. See how to create and edit menus in WordPress and Mai Theme.

  1. Visit Customizer > Theme Settings > Menus.
  2. Adjust your mobile menu breakpoint or alignment settings.
  3. Publish/save and view your site.


Mobile Menu Breakpoint

The largest screen width at which the mobile menu becomes active, in pixels. To always show your mobile menu, set the value extremely high, like 999999, since the site will likely never be viewed on a screen that size. To never show the mobile menu, set this value to 0.

Menu Alignment Settings

If you have a menu location set to any of our built in menu locations, you'll see settings to set the alignment to Left, Center, Right. These self-explanatory settings allow you to align each menu location in a specific position.


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