Single Content

Customize how content displays on individual posts, pages, and custom post types. After enabling Single Content that need customizing, you may now go into each singular content panel. Many of the settings are similar to our Content Archive settings, which have more detailed documentation.

These panels are available in Customizer > Theme Settings > Single Content.

How To Use

  1. View Customizer > Theme Settings > Single Content.
  2. Make sure any content types you want to customize are enabled.
  3. Open the panel for the content type you want to customize.
  4. Adjust the settings however you'd like.
  5. Publish/save and view your site.



Show/hide and re-order entry elements. Click “Toggle Hooks” to show Genesis hooks. Re-ordering Genesis hooks may come in handy if a 3rd-party plugins is using Genesis hooks and the content is not displaying where you’d like them.


Customize how you’d like images to show on the singular post type.

Image Orientation

Choose from a Landscape format or a Custom format.

Custom Content

Add custom content anywhere in your entry. Works with shortcodes like [mai_rating], [mai_price], [mai_content], and anything else. You can also use 3rd-party shortcodes to show custom content, like ACF custom field data.

Header & Footer Meta

Display entry meta, typically used with the various shortcodes available in Mai Theme, or shortcodes available in Genesis. The most popular are [mai_date] and [mai_avatar] from Mai Theme, and [post_author], [post_author_link], [post_terms], [post_categories], and [post_tags] from Genesis.

Page Header

Optionally customize the header image on each singular post type. These settings will only show if the Page Header is enabled for this content type.

Page Header Default Image

Utilize the global page header or choose a default image for each singular post type.

Checking on “Use featured image as page header image” will override the default image. If the Page Header has an image, adjust the background color opacity with the slider tool.

Page Header Background/Overlay and Text Color

By choosing a background/overlay and text color you will override the default Page Header color.


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