Mai Design Pack (Plugins & Block Patterns)

Mai Design Pack is a premium package that includes the Mai Design Pack plugin. This plugin gives you a beautiful admin UI/dashboard that grants you access to all of our premium add-on plugins as well as onsite access to dozens of our premium block patterns. Once you purchase Mai Design Pack from you can download the Mai Design Pack plugin via your account.

Learn how to install plugins here.

Mai Plugins

Easily install and activate/deactivate Mai Plugins via Dashboard > Mai Theme > Plugins.

Mai Patterns

Mai Design Pack comes with dozens of preloaded block patterns that automatically adapt to your theme fonts, colors, styling, and customizations.

  1. Click the plus (+) icon at the top left of the block editor window.
  2. Click the "Patterns" tab near the top of the patterns window.
  3. Choose a category to view the different types of Mai Block Patterns.
  4. Optionally click the "Explore" button to view a large overlay (popup) for a bigger preview of the patterns.
  5. Click the pattern of your choice to have it automatically inserted into your page.

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