Getting Started

Mai Solution uses the power of Mai Theme to utilize flexible customization settings in the Customizer, Content Areas (block-based widget areas), and custom blocks like Mai Post/Term Grid, Mai Columns, Mai Icon, and Mai Divider.

With these unique features, Mai Solution makes it simple to create beautiful sites quickly, the possibilities are endless. Our docs will help you get set up in minutes, and walk you through the available customization settings.

We hope our documentation provides the information you need. If you’re still stuck after reading the documentation, please send us a note and we’ll be happy to help you.

Mai Solution runs on our powerful Mai Engine plugin, which provides core styles and functionality. We've combined the power of WordPress—the world’s most popular content management system—with stunning website designs, flexible templates, extensive customization capabilities, and a collection of tested, pre-vetted plugins, all configured and managed for you.


Please have the following ready.

  1. Active subscription for Mai Solution.
  2. Your Website Name, Username and Password set up through the Mai Solution Sites on your BizBudding account.

Once your website has been generated through your BizBudding account, you will see a new link to access your Mai Solution staging site. Example:

Once you log in to WordPress with your new staging site and user credentials, you're ready to start creating your website. Login link example:

There are a few ways to get started building your website: start from scratch, copy and paste blocks from the Mai Pattern Library, or import demo content using the Mai Setup Wizard.

Select a Niche-Ready Design

By default, our Mai Solution Starter theme will be active. Choose a high-end, niche-specific design without paying for expensive custom designs that often look the same. While your site will already look tailor-made, it comes with tons of built-in customization options if you feel like getting creative on your own.

You can access the Mai Setup Wizard anytime via Dashboard > Mai Theme > Setup Wizard anytime.


Your site comes with a core set of trusted plugins already enabled, so you can have all the features you need. To ensure you don't need to worry about breaking or slowing down your site, we restrict adding new plugins. If you provide insight on what features you're trying to utilize, we are happy to give you guidance.

Domain Names at Cost

If you need a domain name when you're ready to launch your Mai Solution website, you can buy a domain name at cost. Yup, you heard right. You pay only $8.03 per year for a .COM domain name when you purchase Mai Solution.

If you’re unsure about how to choose a domain name, it might make you feel anxious—similar to the feeling of standing on a high dive peering down into the deep end of a pool. Read this post to learn the tools necessary for choosing a great domain name.

Updating DNS

Please email our support team for instructions on how to complete your nameserver setup. Registrars can take 24 hours to process nameserver updates. 

Premium Onboarding

Our standard onboarding is free for everyone and includes: setting up and configuring WordPress, Mai Theme, and plugins, and setting up and configuring DNS and your domain name.

If you need help creating your site, choose the level of premium onboarding services you need: including developing a logo, refreshing your brand, creating a custom homepage design, implementing technical SEO, and attending one-on-one business strategy sessions. 


  1. Does the hosting come with a staging site in case I need to push out changes? Mai Solution does not include a staging site. However, should the need arise for a major change we can create one. Typically, for layout purposes and style changes, you would create a private page on your website. This would allow you to update and test pages without making them public. You would then copy the code updates to your live site.  
  2. For future changes and additions to the site, will you do smaller scope projects? We do quote and help out because you are already a customer with us.
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