Understanding Image Sizes

We often get the question, “What size images should I upload?” when people are new to Mai Theme. When using Mai Theme you no longer have to think about image sizes. Instead, you only need to be concerned with orientation and aspect ratio.

Image Sizes

We recommend uploading larger images in order to future-proof your website. This means uploading 2400px wide images is totally fine. WordPress and Mai Theme automatically crop and resize your images to display them at the correct size depending on the use-case, settings, and configuration. Mai Theme won’t load the full size 2400px image since that would slow down your site. However, that full size is always available in the future, so if you switch themes or change your configuration you always have the full size image to build your new sizes/orientations/ratios from when you regenerate images. This means if your blog archive or Mai Post Grid is set to display posts with Landscape image orientation, Mai Theme will automatically serve the correct size depending on your layout, how many columns, and the browser window size. This is often known as “responsive images”.

Aspect Ratio

The default aspect ratio in most themes is 4:3 for landscape images and 3:4 for portrait images. Some themes have changed this default via the config.php file.


The default and required orientation in Mai Theme is Landscape. Some themes have Portrait and Square image orientations available. These orientations are available as settings in the Customizer for Single Content and Content Archives settings and Mai Post/Term Grid blocks.

You can enable, change, or add custom orientations and aspect ratios for your images via the config.php file. Don’t forget to regenerate images if you change these values.
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